Metal fittings for military crates

  • Set of metal fittings for wooden military crates.
  • The set includes: two handles and handle plates, two shutters, eight corners, and two frames.
  • We produce two types of shutters with different dimensions.
  • The frame is made according to the standard.

Parts of the set

Parts Quantity Dimensions
Handle 2 pieces Ø 6 mm (Wire)
Handle plate 2 pieces 130 x 60 mm
Shutter – type 1 2 pieces 100 x 26 mm
Shutter – type 2 2 pieces 63,3 x 24 mm
Corner 8 pieces 50 x 50 mm
Frame 2 pieces According to standard


Material: Steel
Pretreatment: None
Surface protection: Wet painting
Color: RAL 3009
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